Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superhero Songs Countdown (Blue Cereal Edition) | Blue Cereal Education

Superhero Songs Countdown (Blue Cereal Edition) | Blue Cereal Education:

Superhero Songs Countdown (Blue Cereal Edition)

Xmen Spread

What do superhero songs have to do with history or education? Nothing. Nothing at all. 
I've been sick all week. I don't have the energy to write anything meaningful, and yet I'm restless... it's been too long since a new post. 
Besides, I'm a sucker for superhero stories. When I was younger, it was the actual comics. These days it's mostly movies and TV/Netflix series. I don't really keep up with current comics. They've changed so much (that's not criticism, just personal preference). But what I know about name-brand characters comes from the 80s or from a screen of some sort - and I'm at peace with that. 
This is my personal list - it's not based on anything other than druthers, so feel free to disagree. Heck, add your own favorites in the comments. I avoided songs about "superman" which don't actually relate to the fictional character from Krypton who flies and has a cape and such. I also left out tracks which mention superheroes in passing but are otherwise unrelated to them. And, while it may go without saying, these are all songs I actually like. (The videos were chosen just because they were already on YouTube and I didn't have to upload my own.) These are in countdown order, so if you konw you're not actually going to listen to them all, start with the lower numbers for the good stuff. Duh. 
So go on. Judge away. I'm not scared of you, weenie-head! 
Sorry, did that come across as a bit defensive? I'm still on a lot of medication and I haven't been out of the house in days. It's not personal. 
I've been known to talk at great length about what we can learn about history and the teaching thereof from the evolution of comic book characters and how they're portrayed - particularly in movies and on television. Smart people I deeply respect mock me for this, but that's OK. I'm still right. And I'm still not ashamed of it. Because AQUAMAN. 
15. Batman & Robin (Snoop Dogg) - Yeah, I didn't figure I'd ever have anything from Snoop Dogg in my collection either. Just goes to show... something. Probably. No one can save the day like Batman. A bit R-rated.

14. That's Really Super, Supergirl (XTC) - XTC was one of those bands I always recognized I was supposed to like more than I actually did. I always... appreciated them. Smart, poignant lyrics, and cleverly defiant music. Years later, this is the only track of theirs still in the regular mix. 

13. Flash (Queen) - Because sometimes the best thing about a movie is that it prompted a soundtrack. Flash as in Flash Gordon - not the guy who runs really fast. "Flash! AhhAHHHHAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!"Superhero Songs Countdown (Blue Cereal Edition) | Blue Cereal Education:

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