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Please Help Educate Betsy DeVos! | Diane Ravitch's blog

Please Help Educate Betsy DeVos! | Diane Ravitch's blog:

Please Help Educate Betsy DeVos!

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos repeats the hackneyed and erroneous claims that American public schools are failing.
She says the Obama ideas (testing, charters, and accountability) have failed, so she wants to impose her own ideas, which sound no diffferent from the failed ideas of the status quo.
American schools could use some support, not another four years of carping and disruption.
I explained in my book “Reign of Error” that the “Failing Schools” narrative is a hoax.
As of 2013, test scores on the federal tests called NAEP were the highest in 40 years of testing. For whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.
The graduation rate was the highest in history, for all groups.
The dropout rate was the lowest ever recorded.
Scores on NAEP went flat from 2013-2015, possibly because of Common Core or because the test-and-punish approach had gone about as far as it could go. The flatline showed the failure of the NCLB-RTTT policies, not the schools.
We have the greatest economy in the world and the most productive workforce. Our public schools built our economy. Stop bashing our public schools, our teachers, and our students!
Please tweet @betsydevos and urge her to read “Reign of Error” or send her a copy.
I will send her an autographed copy.Please Help Educate Betsy DeVos! | Diane Ravitch's blog:

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Hello, Betsy DeVos! Watch This Video!
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Please Help Educate Betsy DeVos! | Diane Ravitch's blog:

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