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John Thompson School choice: Sen. Loveless advances 'factually incorrect' ideology - NonDoc

School choice: Sen. Loveless advances 'factually incorrect' ideology - NonDoc:

School choice: Sen. Loveless advances ‘factually incorrect’ ideology

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State Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-OKC) performed a great service to the voting public by revealing his thought processes on school choice and other issues in a recent commentary for The Oklahoman.
Among other things, Loveless wrote that he believes in “the idea that competition creates better products and happier customers” and blames “Obamacare” for limiting competition, so he supports school vouchers.
Loveless provided no evidence that he has a grasp of the facts of educational life or what research says is necessary to improve schools. He offered no rationale in support of his suggestion that, if we treat schools like they were automobile repair shops, it would benefit — not harm — students. Moreover, Loveless sees nothing wrong with expanding vouchers to the point where they inflict chaos on school systems.
In his fervent call for more freedom of choice, Loveless also reveals his freedom to believe political spin that is factually incorrect. For example, he chooses to believe the false charge that a reduction in administrative spending could produce significant savings. In fact, were Oklahoma’s administrative spending reduced to the lowest level in the nation, and if all the savings went into the classroom, it would only move Oklahoma up one notch in national rankings — to the fourth-lowest in per-student spending.
Loveless shows no remorse when admitting that he sees no harm in inflicting chaos on school systems. Were Loveless to look at the facts of the matter, as opposed to advancing an ideology, he would realize that, if the goal is improving the lives of all of our children, we have gone overboard in promoting educational choice.

Some facts about urban education

Perhaps because Loveless’ legislative district is a horseshoe-shaped gerrymander in which 85 percent of the households are white, he is blissfully unaware of the facts of urban education. For instance, the OKCPS is nearly 90 percent low-income, and it spends only 2.5 percent of its budget on administration. Even before Oklahoma cut education School choice: Sen. Loveless advances 'factually incorrect' ideology - NonDoc:

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