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Teachers Are Delusional | Blue Cereal Education

Teachers Are Delusional | Blue Cereal Education:

Teachers Are Delusional

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I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way, although it does have a few downsides. 
As you probably know, public education in general and teachers in particular were thoroughly rebuked in the recent state elections. SQ779 went down in flames after polling rather well only weeks before, largely due to the efforts of mysterious groups who appeared out of nowhere and began panicking on our behalf over the sad, if well-intentioned, error we were all clearly about to make.
They embraced the new, “reality-optional” approach so popular these days with an effective, two-pronged strategy. First, make up a bunch of stuff people could easily refute if they bothered to read the actual question but didn’t. Second, treat this 1% tax as a misguided starting point for growthful discussions rather than a desperate, if flawed, last-ditch effort to overcome a decade of one-party rule and overt hostility towards the idea that every kid deserves committed, effective educators dragging them towards enlightenment. 
They promised a “better way,” which apparently involves disbanding and vanishing as soon as the votes were tallied.
Then again, I guess they didn’t say exactly who it was better for
Smirking legislators quickly joined the chorus of assurances that of course they’d immediately be doing everything they possibly could to give teachers huge raises, first thing! For totes realsies this time! Why would we doubt them? They’re our government – they live to serve! 
In their defense, legislators have no real reason to do anything about teacher pay or Teachers Are Delusional | Blue Cereal Education:

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