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BATs - Listening to Members & Taking Action in 2017 - Badass Teachers Association

Badass Teachers Association:

BATs - Listening to Members & Taking Action in 2017

BATs began on June 13, 2014 as a Facebook group. Within months this Facebook group evolved into an organization that brought forth the powerful voices of teachers, parents, and many other in support of public education and social justice.

Two years ago BATs became a non-profit 501c4 and in so solidified our mission in this fight to save public schools and stand up for social justice. The BATs Board of Directors understands clearly the idea of letting members drive the mission. In late August a survey of our members was launched. The results and the feedback will drive BATs into 2017. Thank you to all who took the survey and to all for your continued support.

Here are some results!

What types of actions do you participate in the most?  Top three
Sharing information on Facebook (81.1%)
Sharing information with my family, community members, and colleagues (64.8%)
Sending an email (45.1%)
How effective is the monthly calendar ?
34.8% Love it
54.8% say it’s ok.  Keeps the group focused
89.4% said they used information from BATs when speaking or advocating for public education
What do you feel we could do better?
More state get together or actions was most popular choice

Do you read the BAT emails?  71.1% said YES

What could BATs offer that would help you become a better advocate for public education?
More information on political action was most popular choice
If you are a long time BAT, is there anything you have noticed that is missing now that you especially appreciated in the beginning?  Openness to others views by the moderators, lack of energy, Badass Teachers Association:

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