Monday, November 14, 2016

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Student Walk-Out is On

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Student Walk-Out is On:

Student Walk-Out is On

 I received a press release this morning about the high school student walk-out. 

The walkout will take place starting at 1:30 from the students school of origin (included schools: Franklin, Garfeild (sic), The Center School, Nova, Sealth, and UW). Students will then meet up at Cal Anderson park (1653 11th Ave, Seattle WA, 98122) at 2:30. It’s a positive opportunity to show the greater Seattle community how much they care / are impacted by the issue.

The students will also be hosting a later “Protest for Solidarity” at Westlake Park (401 pine st, Seattle WA, 98101), at 4:15 pm, to express their feelings after the election and how they plan to about it going forward. Hosted by Emma Reid, Viv Nicole, and Samantha Wisner-Simmons. “EVERYONE is welcome…”

“Seattle is a diverse community, and it's our immigrant/refugee populations, LGBTQ folks, religious diversity and colorful mix of racial demographics that makes us who we are. as students, we grew up in classrooms that reflect that. Trump is threatening our core value of tolerance as a city. We had to use our voices and numbers to show that we stand with members of our community who may not feel safe now. we'll continue to resist attacks on those around us with any/all forms of student activism!” 
-Quinn Angelou-Lysaker on why they are taking a stand. (An organizer of all school walkout)
I visited Hale about 1:30 pm but saw no students leaving.  Then I headed to Roosevelt where about 100 students walked out and had a police escort down the sidewalk/street.  They were headed down the Ave towards UW where Seattle Schools Community Forum: Student Walk-Out is On:

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