Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Stand On 10 Policy Issues : NPR

Where Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Stand On 10 Policy Issues : NPR:

From The Economy To Race, See Where The Candidates Stand On The Big Issues

A voter casts a ballot.

This election has been particularly noisy.
But when all the Twitter storms and heated exchanges (maybe) fade away after Nov. 8, the issues that affect real voters will remain.
With that in mind, we set out to create a cheat sheet on where each candidate stands on the issues voters care about most. The issues we chose to highlight come from the top 10 issues voters said were "very important" to their vote, according to a 2016 pollfrom the Pew Research Center.
Those issues are, in order: The economy, terrorism, foreign policy, health care, gun policy, immigration, social security, education, Supreme Court appointments and the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities.
We've tracked where the major candidates — Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein — fall on each issue. We chose these four candidates because they are on the ballot in most states.
We've categorized each candidate's stance in various subcateories with a yes or a no, if it truly was that simple. Some were given an "it's complicated" rating, meaning that the candidate hasn't put forth a plan, commented publicly or has changed positions.
We will continue to update their stances as they evolve. Is there a subcategory you'd like to see but don't? E-mail us at

The Economy

Though the country as a whole has recovered in the eight years since the 2008 recession, many parts of the country are still struggling. Partly for that reason, economic policy continues to be a major theme on the campaign trail. Candidates have sparred over the role that the tax code should play in economic growth, how to solve the social security problem and more.
Where Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Stand On 10 Policy Issues : NPR:

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