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QUESTIONS for the coming debates | Bill Ayers

QUESTIONS for the coming debates | Bill Ayers:

QUESTIONS for the coming debates

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Bill Ayers -- Demand the Impossible!: A Radical Manifesto | Haymarket Books -

Here are a few questions Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not asked at the first debate. Help me grow the list—think of it as a public service to future moderators.

~~Would you pardon Edward Snowden? Would you give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
~~Who else would you pardon (or award the Presidential Medal of Freedom)? Oscar Lopez? Leonard Peltier?
~~Will you commit to closing all US foreign military bases during your first term?
~~Will you immediately end the drone killing program?
~~Will you stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia?
~~Will you stop arms sales to Israel, as well as all aid until Israel terminates the settlements and ends the occupation?
~~Do you believe that the Palestinian people should enjoy the basic human rights as outlined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights? If so, do you support the Gandhi-style BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement pressing Israel to end the occupation?
~~Is public education a human right or a product to be sold at the market place? Similarly, is health and health care a product or a right?
~~What are five steps you would advocate for ending mass incarceration? For demilitarizing the police forces?
~~What is your plan to support labor organizing and unions?
~~Would you fight to preserve the US Postal Service?
~~How would your administration repair and then build a public transportation system?
~~Would you immediately raise the minimum wage to $15?
~~Would you stop deportations of undocumented workers?
~~How do you propose repairing the damage inflicted on folks during the Great Recession when over $16 trillion worth of household wealth was destroyed by the zombie capitalists?
~~Would you support an effort to cancel student debt? How?

I’ve got more. How about you?

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