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Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: The Union Money, and More | deutsch29

Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: The Union Money, and More | deutsch29:

Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: The Union Money, and More

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On November 08, 2016, Massachusetts voters will be deciding whether or not to lift the cap on the number of charter schools in the state. The ballot measure, known as Question 2, would open the door for “up to 12 new charter schools or enrollment expansions in existing charter schools each year.”
As of September 09, 2016, several ballot committees have filed funding reports with the Massachusetts Office of campaign and Political Finance (OCPF).
To date, there are five ballot committees associated with Question 2.
Four ballot committees are in support of raising the charter cap. As of September 09, 2016, together they have raised roughly $11 million (accounting for the fact that Yes on 2 turned around and gave its money to Campaign for Fair Access, and Expanding Educational Opportunities gave most of its money to Great Schools Massachusetts):
One committee opposes Question 2:
In sum, the five ballot committees have raised roughly $17.8 million on Massachusetts’ Question 2 as of September 09, 2016. (Note: I accounted for money sent from one committee to another. Had I not accounted for such overlap, the totalwould look like $18.8 million.)
Money Opposing Question 2
Save Our Public Schools, the lone committee opposing Question 2, has received 83 contributions. The largest contributors include the following (with some making multiple contributions):
  • Massachusetts Teachers Association: $4,169,622
  • American Federation of Teachers (Boston): $251,823
  • National Education Association (Washington, DC): $1,900,000
  • American Federation of Teachers (Washington, DC): $450,000
Also noteworthy in this era of the billionaire purchasing of elections:
  • Largest out-of-state contribution from an individual: $50
  • Most of the money funding Save Our Public Schools (62 percent, or $4,169,622 /$6,777,696) comes from a Massachusetts-based organization
Thus, there are no out-of-state billionaires providing substantial funds to Save Our Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: The Union Money, and More | deutsch29:

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