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Hope of a Black - Latino Educator (Evolution) | The Jose Vilson

Hope of a Black - Latino Educator (Evolution) | The Jose Vilson:

Hope of a Black - Latino Educator (Evolution) 

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Come here. Please take a seat with me and let’s talk about evolution.
Your morning routine hasn’t changed in years. You roll swiftly out of bed, but your eyes have barely opened yet. You’re thinking about your students before you’re done brushing your teeth. You’re out the door before the grocery stores around the block open. The hustle to the bus then the train get your blood pumping and your feet throbbing. You swipe your MetroCard a few seconds before the train gets there. Your headphones currently blare Chance The Rapper because you need something between hard rap and gospel music. You play FreeCell all the way up to the second to last stop on the A train.
You see students in this neighborhood. Perk up, you.
You get your coffee. A dollar’s never been so valuable. You climb the set of stairs, ignoring the security that doesn’t like you for whatever reason. You’re cordial with adults as you move your card into the “in” slot. You jog up the next set of stairs into your classroom. You sniff around to make sure everything’s in place. You turn on the lights and the AC. You take a deep breath. You’re back in your element.
You have two grades and five classes to teach, each with their own set of needs. You got this.
Lesson plan 1: We will convert numbers in scientific notation to standard form. Eighth graders may or may not fully get it. We will make them care somehow someway.
Lesson plan 2: We will add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Seventh graders may or Hope of a Black - Latino Educator (Evolution) | The Jose Vilson:
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