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Standup4LR goes door-to-door encouraging community involvement |

Standup4LR goes door-to-door encouraging community involvement |

Standup4LR goes door-to-door encouraging community involvement 

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The group that's been pushing for Little Rock schools to regain local control, taking to the street.           
This weekend, StandUP4LR will be drumming up support for the district ahead of the new school year.
Last spring, there was a fervor surrounding Little Rock Schools.
Hundreds of parents and teachers demanding they regain control of their schools, and also demanding their beloved superintendent get to stay.
That was then. Now, the group is hard at work, encouraging parents and the community to back the school system before school starts back on August 15th.
"We need you, we need you parents!"
That's the message Little Rock parents and teachers will be spreading this weekend, as they go door-to-door.
"We are a parent-group whose just come together to provide solutions and get parents more involved, so we can keep up with our district and what's going on”, explains Isis Pettway, a Central High Grad and mother of a second grader at Horrace Mann.
"Just being a parent, that parent-involvement is crucial. The relationship between parents and teachers is crucial. When you have that report with each other, it makes a stronger school”, Pettway goes on to say.
"As a parent and a teacher, I just want to let the parents, and teachers, community, and students know that we support them and we love them, and we are excited about school starting”, says Chandle Carpenter, a parent and teacher at LRSD. She adds, StandUP4LR wants the excitement that surrounded LRSD during some of its lowest points, to be there all-year-long.
"We don't have an elected school board right now, so we need to ensure that we have a voice, and we want to let public officials know we are still here and we care about our kids because they are our kids, and they're the future of our city”, Carpenter explains, adding as much as they miss former Superintendent, Baker Kurrus, the group has thrown its full support behind the district's new Super.
"LRSD is on the rise’, says that new Super, Michael Poore.
Across town, at Roberts Elementary, LRSD's new teachers spent the day meeting with Poore, preparing for the new year.
"There's an energy that's taking place in this district, that I think is going to really go serve kids well”, the Superintendent explains.
That energy, was obvious on the streets near Central High Friday afternoon, as residents excitedly accepted the groups yard signs, some even singing the Central High fight song.
For more information on how you can get involved with Little Rock Schools, visit the StandUP4LR page on Facebook. Arkansas Public Policy Panel - Standup4LR goes door-to-door encouraging community involvement |
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