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Mónica García on El Camino: Ignorance or Insincerity?

Mónica García on El Camino: Ignorance or Insincerity?:

Mónica García on El Camino: Ignorance or Insincerity?

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WANTED-1Before the LAUSD School Board began debate on the Issuance of Notice of Violations for El Camino Real Charter High School (ECRCHS) “requesting the charter school remedy violations by September 23, 2016”, the public had an opportunity to speak. Other than a three minute time limit, there is little formal structure to this comment period and speakers are free to bring up anything that they feel is relevant to the subject at hand. During this time, ECRCHS’ case was presented by their lawyer, several teachers (who were at the Board meeting instead of teaching their students), a couple of parents and the charter’s Chief Business Officer, Marshall Mayotte. Notably absent was David Fehte, the “Executive Director” who has been at the center of the controversy surrounding the charter.
Ironically, one of the first speakers used the analogy of Charlie Brown’s repeated attempt to kick Lucy’s football to make her case against the resolution at hand. She was trying to make a case that the LAUSD Charter School Division (CSD) had been moving the goal post so that ECRCHS could not meet the terms of the Notice to Cure that was issued in October. However, it was the speakers who engaged in diversionary tactics as they tried to take the emphasis off of the “financial shenanigans” by focusing on the academic achievements of the charter, the incompetence of the CSD and wild conspiracy theories that the District is trying to “take down” ECR because they “are thriving too much.” Despite evidence that ECR has violated the law and “generally accepted accounting principles” compiled by both the CSD and the Los Angeles Daily News, the speakers each requested that the Board not issue a Notice of Violations.
As noted by Board Member Scott Schmerelson, ECRCHS was a great school before it was charter and continues with the same tradition. Despite the assertions of the speakers, ECRCHS is also not a victim; great academic achievement does not excuse the purchase of a “$95 bottle of fine Syrah wine” or “first-class airfare and luxury hotel rooms with [a] school issued credit card.” The charter’s supporters who proclaim that they “expect support” in return for the “over $1 million” that the state has paid the LAUSD to oversee the operations of the Mónica García on El Camino: Ignorance or Insincerity?:
 Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board, District 2 because:

All Kids Are Our Kids!
  • The LAUSD School Board needs a parent's perspective. None of the current Board members has a child enrolled in the district.
  • One size education does not fit all. The District must provide opportunities to all students, not just those who are college bound. We will fight to block the closure of special education centers and return funding to vocational education.Nicole_and_Carl.jpg
  • Eli Broad's plan to privatize education must be stopped. Unlike Mónica García's campaign, this campaign will not be funded by the charter industry. I will answer to the parents and students of the district, not corporate donors.
March 7, 2017
Carl J. Petersen for LAUSD School Board 2017 (ID# 1384794) -

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