Sunday, August 14, 2016

CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI for August 14 + Born To Teach


ICYMI for August 14

Yeah, I don't have a clever way to tie all this together. These are just some worthwhile reads.

Student Test Scores: How the Sausage Is Made and Why You Should Care

How can I not feature a Brookings article when they finally manage to post something that's not complete baloney? This is a little technical, but overall a pretty good explainer for standardized test scoring

I Am Kind of in It for the Money

Tired of pieces about how teachers are noble and only in the profession because of the deep emotional rewards and so we'll be happy to do the job for $1.98? Here's a counterpoint. 

5 Non-negotiables When Designing Instruction

Not the greatest writing instruction post in the history of the world, but still something to chew on as we head back to school.

Choice and Segregation 

How the spread of charters destabilized one school district and undid decades of progress on desegregation. 

Frack the Vote

Details on one more local election being flooded with dark money from the voucher wolves. No, you don't live there, but we all need to be studying up on how this game is played, because your home court may be the next one to get hit.

Class Privilege 101

Blogger Rita Rathbone makes a guest appearance at Edushyster to talk personally about the culture shock of poor students in the middle class world of college. 

No Excuses Amistad School Teaches Joyless Compliance

Depressing look behind the walls of a "no excuses" charter from someone who taught there. This is why these schools need to go away.

We Act Like We Don't Want Talented People To Become Teachers 

The Gawker, of all things, runs a piece about teacher pay. You will probably want to avoid the comment section.

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Big Education Ape: Catch up with CURMUDGUCATION: FL: Attacking Children and Teachers -

Born To Teach
The romantic notion has always been there, and plenty of teachers feed into it-- some people are just born teachers. But the belief in born teachers has two seriously destructive side effects, one of which is becoming obvious and the other, perhaps less so. Training If teachers are born and not made, then teache

UT: Fewer Teachers, Please
I keep waiting to hear something from one of the proponents of free market for education. After all-- no other part of the trained labor market works like this. If a hospital can't find enough doctors to fill its staff, nobody says, "Well, okay-- 

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