Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TBFURMAN: Hendrik Reviews The Gulen Movement's Structure

TBFURMAN: Hendrik Reviews The Gulen Movement's Structure:

Hendrik Reviews The Gulen Movement's Structure

There is really nobody better at explaining this phenomenon than Joshua Hendrick, who is interviewed over in Huffpo.

What does it mean to be a Gulenist or follower of Gulen?There are different variations of participation. At the top are the core loyalists, who are the directors of Gulen’s institutions and the people in Pennsylvania. Then there are the “friends,” who donate to Gulen’s institutions, but mostly for their own interests. Then there are sympathizers, who appreciate the movement but are not part of it, like sympathetic journalists or people who say that it is peaceful, or “moderate” version of Islam. Finally, the largest group are the many consumers of Gulen institutions’ products. By going to school or reading a newspaper, their actions are contributing to the movement. They have the weakest ties to the movement, but are the most important to its functioning.  
When you participate in the Gulen movement, there is no ID card. There are some ritualistic practises that members take part in, the most common of which is the sohbet.  Traditionally, this refers to the communication between a sheikh and their disciples ― which the Gulen movement has repurposed as a reading group, where people come together to read Fethullah Gulen and other religious scholars. It often starts out in a student house, and there’s someone in each company that organizes the sohbet. It starts out as a reading group and then becomes a group of peers who get together informally to discuss their sphere of business. Another practise of the movement is a religious donation called himmet.
I'm pretty sure these faux board that I'm looking at--- the CMSA and the Concept boards--- are comprised of a strategic mix core loyalists, friends, and sympathizers. The sympathizers seem to be people whose have some previous massaging through the dialogue centers, or trips, or dinners or what have you.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I get about a million emails a day asking me to sign some petition to extradite Gulen.

As if.

I have no interest in signing petitions related to the extradition of Gulen. I don't know whether Gulen should be extradited or not--- it's a whole area of law that I haven't learned in my TBFURMAN: Hendrik Reviews The Gulen Movement's Structure:


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