Friday, August 15, 2014

8-15-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum

Seattle Schools Community Forum:

From Two Sides: Ed Reform versus the Most Famous Teacher in the U.S.
That teacher would be 5th grade teacher Rafe Esquith from Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles.  He has taught for nearly 30 years and written several books.   But I'll let Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post's Answer Sheet tell you more:*When he goes to China he is so popular he needs security guards to protect him from the crush of the crowds. *He is the only K-12 teacher to be awarded the
Friday/Saturday Open Thread
I've been out of town so a bit behind on this.I see that teacher John Greenberg has been reinstated at The Center School (this from a story in the PI).  The story does NOT say what if he will be teaching his Citizenship and Social Justice class.  The petition for a new principal at Garfield (on the heels of the outrage over the investigation of a rape on a Garfield overnight field trip) has over 2
8-12-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum Week
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Tuesday Open Thread A bit of dark place I find myself in.  Robin Williams, a giant talent who I saw twice live in San Francisco (and once in a little bookstore), killed himself.  Very sad.Then there's the essay by Joe Williams of DFER who says that "Suburbs Hold Key to Resolving Democratic Party's Tensions over School Choice."It's hard to know which is wo