Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stephen Krashen Blog 7-26-14


Companies do less training, but complain about schools
We often hear that public schools are failing because they do not prepare students for jobs.  Employers complain, we are told, that recent graduates are unprepared for the real world of work. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explains what is really going on: "Companies complain that they can't find skilled hires, but they aren't doing much to impact these skills , economics and w

JUL 21

Sent to the Wall Street Journal, July 21Antonio Villaraigosa asks"Why are teachers unions so opposed to change?"(July 21). I would like to know why Mr. Villaraigosa is so opposed to learning the facts about American schools and the Common Core. Villaraigosa claims that American students do poorly compared to students in other countries on international tests and that the Common Core will

JUL 13

Compelling Evidence
Sent to the Wall Street Journal, July 13, 2014In "Test scores may move, learning doesn't" (July 12), Jo Craven McGinty says that there is "compelling evidence" that the US education system is inadequate, because American students "score below average in math and average in reading and science" when compared to other countries on international tests.  Not mentioned is