Sunday, July 6, 2014

7-6-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum Week

Seattle Schools Community Forum:

Seattle Pre-K for All: Letter to the Board
Dear Directors,I am asking you - as a Board - to put forth clarification on this issue of the City's PreK for All and Seattle Public Schools.I spent the afternoon reviewing what the City has at their website and I found a lot of it deeply troubling.Of course, like many things, pre-K for all IS a good idea.  (I will quibble whether Pre-K is the same as preschool as the former seems more school-like

Seattle Schools This Week

Friday, July 11BEX Oversight Committee meeting, 8:30 am-10:30 am. Unfortunately, whoever runs this group does not put up the agenda nor past minutes in a timely manner so I can't tell you what will be discussed.  I've asked if that could happen and told it would but it doesn't.  The last minutes are from the meeting in April and have some curious notations. - The Cost Summary now includes a Budget

7-5-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum Week
Seattle Schools Community Forum:Seattle Schools Community ForumSeattle School Board Meeting UpdatesShockingly, I neither attended nor watched the School Board meeting.  But I did hear about it from other sources so here is some of what went on (plus some input from a careful reading of agenda items on the docket).   Apparently it was a love fest for Banda and some tension on the Board.  Here's the