Saturday, May 31, 2014


LAUSD, Superintendent John Deasy -


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As the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is legally sanctioned for not having turned over photos in the Miramonte child abuse scandal- which can only be viewed as obstruction of justice- hopefully an awareness is finally starting to dawn on people as to what levels of dishonesty the leadership of LAUSD is capable in achieving their goals based exclusively on perceived self-interest, that is clearly diametrically opposed to the exigencies of running a good public education system.

Sigi Siegel is a lifelong teacher who was targeted by LAUSD, not for the fabricated wrong doing that they have charged her with, but rather for being too expensive. Other than making too much money, Ms. Siegel's sole crime was that she did a simple and harmless Type 2 diabetes blood test on one of her students without having previous obtained parent consent. Given that LAUSD is approximately three-quarters Latino- a population that has a 50% higher Type 2 diabetes rate than the general population- one can understand the teachable moment Ms.Siegel was tempted to take advantage of, even if she exhibited poor judgment in not first obtaining prior parent consent for this test. 

The question you must ask is whether her actions should warrant the termination of her otherwise exemplary teaching career and whether in the final analysis, her faux pas really had anything to do with why she was targeted. 

In making this judgment, I would ask you to take into consideration the very typical illegal manner in which Ms. Siegel continues to be treated. She was incarcerated in teacher jail aka the rubber room for an extended period of time, far beyond what would have been necessary to determine her innocence or culpability. It is also worth noting that she has subsequently won her case before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), which ordered that she be put back to work. However, this judgment was then appealed by LAUSD in their typical actions designed to drag out the process against her- LAUSD, Superintendent John Deasy -