Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5-14-14 Jersey Jazzman Jammin': Where In The World Is Cami Sandiego?

Jersey Jazzman: Where In The World Is Cami Sandiego?:

Where In The World Is Cami Sandiego?
Ras Baraka, an employee of the Newark Public schools, has just won election as mayor. Throughout the campaign, Baraka has been a harsh critic of State Superintendent Cami Anderson -- his boss -- and her plan for restructuring the school system, One Newark.You would think, then, that Anderson would have something to say about Baraka's election. You would think the NPS website would have some sort o

5-11-14 Jersey Jazzman Jammin' All Week: Ras Baraka & Newark's Last Grasp at Democracy
Jersey Jazzman: Ras Baraka & Newark's Last Grasp at Democracy: Ras Baraka & Newark's Last Grasp at DemocracyIf you believe that America is a democracy, you must also believe, a priori, that Newark, NJ, is not part of America.For the last couple of weeks, it has become painfully, disturbingly clear that Newark -- like many other communities populated by working-poor and working-class people

5-10-14 Jersey Jazzman NJ Ed News Round-up Jammin' All Week
Jersey Jazzman:Jersey Jazzman Jammin' All WeekWhat's Happening With B4K?So, at the first glance, it looks like B4K is up to their old tricks again: putting money from billionaires David Tepper and Alan Fournier into local politics under the guise of education reform. They've done it before in Jersey City and Perth Amboy; now it's Trenton.But hang on -- something seems different...TRENTON — A nonpr