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Need More Info About Common Core? There’s an App for That! | Truth in American Education

Need More Info About Common Core? There’s an App for That! | Truth in American Education:

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Need More Info About Common Core? There’s an App for That!

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imageYesterday a new tool became available in the fight to Stop Common Core.  A group on Georgia developed a mobile app entitled “About Common Core.”
Rob Cunningham who was involved in the project told Truth in American Education that their volunteer team in Georgia developed this app for every anti-Common Core advocate of educational freedom and academic liberty in America.  “We realized FAR too many citizens have been sleepwalking through the Common Core issue since 2009. Washington/Global progressives, corporate titans and "philanthropist" billionaires are using this fact to their maximum advantage,” Cunningham said.
“The opposite of "stealth" is loud, thunderous awareness and publicity.  As a team, we are singularly focused and determined to activate, educate and empower Moms, Dads, libertarians, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, Occupiers, Tea Partiers and teachers – you name it – with a powerful, easy to use and easy to leverage app from their smartphone or tablet.  This mobile app is intended to be a teaching aid, a quick reference tool, one that adds confidence and removes fear from anyone that might be timid, feel too uninformed or lacking in confidence to speak with others. Hopefully, this app will be a great equalizer in the well funded spin war being funded by our friends of Common Core,” Cunningham added.  “Our app is simply one tool to help millions of current activists awaken many new millions, taking them from ‘Common who?’ to ‘Over my dead body!’ in mere minutes.”
Currently it appears that the app is available only for Android and Amazon Kindle devices.  I would suspect an iOS app is in the works as well.

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