Saturday, March 15, 2014

Colorado Dept. of Ed. & Your Child’s Data: The Golden Record | United Opt Out National

Colorado Dept. of Ed. & Your Child’s Data: The Golden Record | United Opt Out National:


 We bring to you a video featuring Dan Domagala, the Chief Information Officer of the Colorado Department of Education. Within this 14 minute video Domagala outlines clearly the broad plan to connect your child’s data in a longitudinal format to the CO Dept. of Human Services (Pre-K data), Dept. of Ed. (K-12 data), Higher Ed. (College), Labor (Workforce), and Corrections (Prison).  He shares how they will chart the path of each individual student – 860,000 students in CO – using each child’s Golden Record.

Each child’s information – with a unique identifying number – from P-20, will be monitored and linked to the state agencies listed, in order to guide decision-making at all levels. Our understanding is that “20″ refers to 8 years past K-12, i.e. 4 years in higher ed. and 4 years in workforce. So, that refers to ages 3-26. Each educator will also have a unique identifier that links their “training and development to student performance.”
Please watch the video here:

What sort of information might they be collecting on each child for the Golden Record?

We at United Opt Out National are wondering, how do you feel about all this data collection on each child – from age 3 to 26?
We, personally, are quite happy with the 1:1 parent/teacher conferences, student projects, student portfolios, and simple reports cards with personal notes from the teacher outlining any concerns or successes regarding each child – shared ONLY with parents and teachers who work directly with that child. We aren’t sure why this big data collection is necessary – unless perhaps there is a plan afoot to make a lot of money using this data, as well as direct, control, and guide manipulate our children’s futures – even perhaps into prison it appears.