Saturday, February 1, 2014

What Teach for America Says When It Talks to Itself | deutsch29

What Teach for America Says When It Talks to Itself | deutsch29:

What Teach for America Says When It Talks to Itself

February 1, 2014

As I was researching my “Bill Pays to Help Arne” post, I came across a discussion site, Wall Street Oasis, where those hoping to Make It Big on The Street are able to connect in order to solve issues related to their career ambitions.
The site has a link for Teach for America (TFA).
The link includes a number of revealing 2008-2013 discussion threads, particularly since many writers assume that they are interacting with fellow TFAers who desire what TFA founder Wendy Kopp promotes: A high-powered, lucrative, “real” career following a brief TFA stint.
Many assume the TFA promo of Ivy League Short-term Student Saviour, but not all.
Kopp advances the ungrounded idea that TFA recruits can “close the achievement gap” because they are the “best and brightest”– and that they can do so going into America’s toughest teaching situations in two-year stints. And after “closing the gap,” TFAers can fulfill the nation’s need for their “best and brightest” leadership in key educational roles, including those of district or state superintendent, or charter school/education company “founder.”
As to the Wall Street Oasis TFA discussion board: I repost here some of the more telling commentary as such reveals both TFAer career motivations and opinions about the TFA organization, mission, and/or experience.
Though some have clearly swallowed the Kopp koolaid, others are staring at the cup