Sunday, November 17, 2013

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New Mexico Grad Requirements Mean Trouble
Just in time for high school juniors and seniors to give thanks for all that Hanna Skandera has given them (headaches, stress, prescriptions for anti-migraine medications), the New Mexico Public [sic] Education Department has released its final version of the requirements needed to graduate with a diploma.  This is great news!  It means that the […]

Guest Post by Joseph Rella: A letter to @arneduncan
Secretary Arne Duncan U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue,SW Washington, D.C. 20202 Dear Secretary Duncan: My name is Joseph Rella. I am the Superintendent of Schools in the Comsewogue SchoolDistrict located in Port Jefferson Station, New York. I am writing to you as a non-white surburban mother to express my deep concern over recent comment that you made regardingcriticism […]

Perhaps the only thing proven by @arneduncan’s latest flub…
… is that he’s really an idiot without the skills and expertise to really understand what it is that he’s supposed to be doing. That is all.

Some Kids “Aren’t Brilliant”? This Duncan Blunder Is Bigger Than It First Appears
In May 2010, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke at the first annual “Mom Congress” at Georgetown University. Duncan’s goal, as reported on the USDOE website, was “to discuss how to effect meaningful change in American education and to mobilize millions of parents to become more involved in their children’s learning.” [Emphasis added.] Duncan wants […]

Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage
Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage. via Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage.

All Week 11-16-13 @ THE CHALK FACE
@ THE CHALK FACE knows SCHOOLS MATTER: All Week @ THE CHALK FACE  mark as read4 Corporate Education Reform Talking Points That Are Flat-Out LiesIf you listen to the buzz coming from the airwaves about education reform these days, you may notice that many things are starting to sound much too familiar–some even vomit-inducingly so.  It’s almost as if someone gave the spokespeople from state educati