Friday, October 18, 2013

10-18-13 Ed Notes Online

Ed Notes Online:

Advice to MORE on Today's Delegate Assembly Discussion
I've been pushing for a serious discussion about how an opposition caucus like MORE should/could relate to the UFT Delegate Assembly given the overwhelming control Unity holds over those meetings. That discussion will take place at today's meeting (see agenda below).I fear that MORE may fall into the fatal trap of other opposition caucuses over the years (including ICE) that the DA becomes a focal
Forecasting the July '14 AFT Convention: Chicago
..this time around the CTU delegates to the Illinois Fed of Teachers - [their version of NYSUT] -  (which is kind of a rehearsal for next summer's AFT) are organized, ready, experienced and with a number of really important resolutions to support.... George SchmidtChicago Teachers Union Heads to IFT as Precursor for Next Summer AFT Convention.The struggle to get the AFT to take a strong stance aga

Revisiting ObamaCare IT: Race to the Top - of Incompetence
I'm listening to Brian Lehrer on NPR talk about the Obama roll-out disaster and the corporate disaster speak we are hearing -- exact tone we hear from Bloomberg/Walcott on that kid who is missing for 2 weeks.For the record, I posted ObamaCare IT: Race to the Top - of Incompetence on Oct. 10 where I pointed out that it was not overload on the web site but the design/architecture of the system which
Video: Why Come to MORE Monthly Meeting This Saturday, Oct. 19, 12PM
Why come to the MORE meeting? See the promo video below. It may be crowded at the Ya-Ya Network, our wonderful hosts at  224 W. 29th St 14th Fl. (btwn 7th and 8th Ave). We are outgrowing the space with 60-80 people attending every month. I am just going to stand for 3 hours and pretend I'm on the subway (where I spent a long time standing on a crowded train on the way home from the Met where it to
Astounding: Government shutdown deal includes support for TFA trained teachers
Does Wendy Kopp have naked pics of every politician? On the verge of a worldwide financial meltdown they make sure to add a clause protecting Teach For America. TFA is celebrating their fortune while pre-k gets gutted. A real teacher organization interested in child welfare would be howling with rage.The federal government didn't shut down over the question of whether teachers in alternative-certi
John King's Uncommon Schools Charters Opt Out of RTTT Which Makes Their Teachers Exempt From King's Eval System
One more example of the deep corruption ed deform brings. State Education Commissioner John King is overhauling New York's method of evaluating teachers — but Uncommon Schools don't have to follow the new state rules, as they have opted out of federal Race to the Top funds...  Daily New And by the way, guess which charter also exempts itself? It starts with a U and ends with a T. (UFT Charter Exem
Newark Teachers Union Rally: Enuf is Enuf
The wonderful Newark Supe Cami Anderson is so adept at making friends. How funny to see the very union that made the deal with the devil last year (with Randi and Christie's guns at their heads) is now rallying because they claim Anderson is not keeping her side of the bargain -- DUHHHHHH! Just a smidgeon of history would show that the deformers NEVER keep their side of the bargain.NEW Caucus call

PS 29Q Principal Resigns After Protests
The so-called “terror-driven reign” of a College Point principal is over. Jennifer Jones-Rogers resigned as head of P.S. 29 last week, education officials confirmed, after dozens in the community urged the city to fire her earlier this summer.... Queens CourierThe end of a long-running battle at the school after parents and teachers, with the support of State Senator Tony Avella. It is not impossi

10-17-13 Ed Notes Online
Ed Notes Online: Staten Island Democratic Club Calls for John King ResignationLoretta Prisco introduced this resolution last night at her Staten Island Democratic club, a progressive club on SI. It was passed unanimously. I'm not big on the calls for King to resign. He is helping the movement against ed deform with every word he utters. I would focus on Merryl Tisch and put pressure on the Democra