Friday, August 16, 2013

NYC Educator: Give With One Hand, Stab With the Other

NYC Educator: Give With One Hand, Stab With the Other:

Give With One Hand, Stab With the Other

I'm fascinated by operations that love teachers. For one example, Target is giving 5 million bucks to schools. For another, the Daily News is honoring teachers as Hometown Heroes.

I suppose, when we look at Target's generosity, we are to forget the lengths to which they will go to thwart union right here in New York. Below you will see the anti-union video they show their new employees. The apparent Target employees participating are actually actors--and card-carrying union members. Thanks a lot, guys.

Anyone who follows history knows that the current deterioration of America's middle class is concurrent with decreased union membership. And any thinking person knows exactly why Target closes stores rather than face union. It's certainly not to benefit working people. And those kids Target claims to be supporting with this giveaway, based on your purchases, will be working people one day. If you shop at Target, you're supporting people who want to illegally deprive Americans of union benefits. Try Costco instead. They are at least partially unionized, and they treat their employees better.

As for the Daily News, the Hometown Heroes campaign is fine. It's good to honor teachers. But it's also good to be fair to them. One part of fairness entails telling the truth. In the recent spate of stories vilifying teachers based on