Friday, August 16, 2013

8-16-13 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

The Move To End The Common Core And Race To The Top Mandates In New York
NYC Educator posted that 25 Republicans have co-sponsored an interesting bill in the New York State Assembly:After having written my local Assembly person, Brian Curran, to fire Reformy John King, he wrote back the following:Thank you for your recent email.  I appreciate and encourage your initiative and participation in the legislative process. The Assembly Bill A.7994 was referred to the educati

Bloomberg Plans To Lease NYCHA Land To Private Developers To Get Money For "Repairs" In The Projects
In between his rants about stop-and-frisk and his belief that all NYCHA people should be fingerprinted, the mayor said he's going forward with NYCHA privatization plans:During his radio show today, Mr. Bloomberg also announced this morning that the city plans to move forward today with a controversial plan to open NYCHA land for private housing development to raise extra money for repairs.“We have

NY Times Poll: 2/3rds Of New Yorkers Say School System Same Or Worse after 12 Years Of Bloomberg's Control
This poll is a clear repudiation of Bloomberg's education "legacy"In a stinging assessment of the mayor’s priorities and effectiveness, however, two-thirds of New Yorkers say they believe that the quality of the city’s long-troubled school system has stayed the same or become worse since he took office in 2002, despite his vigorous pledges to improve it....There is equally strong opposition to the

Bloomberg: People Living In Housing Projects Need To Be Fingerprinted
As he gets closer to the end of his reign of error, he gets more and more authoritarian:In a bid to boost security at public housing complexes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg this morning suggested fingerprinting residents so they can access their homes. “What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in. And of course there’s an allegation that some of these apartments aren’t occupied by the people

What's Wrong With Bill Thompson That So Few People Know Him?
The NY Times looks at Bill Thompson's struggle to get noticed in the mayor's race:There were a lot of reasons to believe that this would be the year for Mr. Thompson. He was the Democratic nominee in 2009, when he stunned many by coming within five percentage points of unseating Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, despite being outspent by more than $100 million. He is the only African-American candidate

Obama Administration Warns Three States To Tie Teacher Evaluations To Test Scores Or Lose NCLB Waivers
The Obama administration threatens three states who they say are not complying with their teacher evaluations tied to test scores dictates:The Education Department said Thursday that three of 40 states granted waivers from the No Child Left Behind law were at high risk of losing them, because they either have been slow to link teacher evaluations with student achievement or had adopted programs th

  Allegations That Anthony Weiner Had Relationship With Congressional Staffer
Inevitable - more allegations involving Anthony Weiner:Before he married his wife, Anthony Weiner had a previously undisclosed relationship with an on-again-off-again congressional and campaign aide nearly two decades his junior. In pushing back against the publication of this story, the spokeswoman for his current mayoral campaign, Barbara Morgan, phoned The New York Observer‘s editor in chief. P
8-15-13 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School:  Why Is Obama So Desperate To Improve Internet Access In Schools?President Obama has decided to tack on a $5 a year fee to every cell phone account for the next five years in order to raise funds to increase high speed internet access in schools around the country.The fees are expected to generate $6 billion dollars in three years and sunset in 2017.The move has generated a