Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jersey Jazzman: Once Again, Joel Klein Is Full Of It

Jersey Jazzman: Once Again, Joel Klein Is Full Of It:

Once Again, Joel Klein Is Full Of It

Thanks to Leonie Haimson and Lisa Fliesher, we now know that there is no accountability whatsoever at the top of the New York City schools: nobody gets evaluated, even as they scream for more test-based evaluations for teachers.

But there was one other part of Fliesher's story really caught my eye:
Joel Klein, schools chief from 2002 to 2010, said he received constant feedback from the mayor, and evaluated his team daily. "When a member of my team's performance wasn't up to standards, I didn't issue a report," he wrote in a emailed statement. Mr. Klein works for News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal. "They were terminated." [emphasis mine]
Oh, really?

- When then-Deputy Commissioner Chris Cerf violated city law by not disclosing his equity stake in Edison Schools, Inc - even as the company was doing business with the city's schools - was he fired? No.

- When the NYCDOE gave millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to a firm that didn't even have offices, was anyone fired? No.