Sunday, April 14, 2013

UPDATE: Rhee’s “Gravy Train” of Hypocrisy – @ the chalk face

Rhee’s “Gravy Train” of Hypocrisy – @ the chalk face:

Rhee’s “Gravy Train” of Hypocrisy

“Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee had trouble recalling the names of South Carolina’s ‘key players’ after a quick visit to the State House on Wednesday. But state lawmakers may want to take note of hers,” reports The State (Columbia, SC).
But in a rare moment of candor and even more unusual modesty, when asked to estimate the size of her hypocrisy and dishonesty, Rhee merely gestured:

However, Rhee soon returned to her usual routine—bashing teachers:
Educators make excuses for failing schools, Rhee said. But, she added, “The bottom line is: The system did not become the way that it is by accident. It operates exactly the way it was designed to operate, which is in a wholly unaccountable, dysfunctional manner.
“So when you seek to change that dynamic” – including going after “low-performing” teachers – “you’re gonna have a whole lot of unhappy people on your hands. When you stop that gravy train, somebody is going to be unhappy.”
What does the gravy train in SC look like?
  • SC teachers work in a right-to-work state, no unionization, no real power of any kind.
  • SC teachers work in a state in the bottom quartile of states by poverty rates.
  • SC teachers work within a state scarred by pockets of poverty, a “Corridor of Shame” in which many 

Intimidation from officials at the NYDE for #optout

This from someone on Facebook:
In NY, the following information was recently passed on to local teacher’s unions… and the fear continues:
–>Locals and individual union members who advise parents or students to “opt out” of state tests may face risks.
–>A teacher who, in conversations with students or parents, takes a position on testing contrary to 

“Tools” at NYC DOE, #smdh

A 27 year old with a political science or public policy background is now the COO of NYC public schools. And by tool, I mean he’s a signature on a form, just someone who needs to thoughtlessly rubber stamp just about anything.
Meanwhile, those of us who know a great deal about education are forced to scrape by and justify our existence.

We are encouraged to spread the @michellerhee memo. Will do.

A new “campaign,” spread the Merrow memo. Will do. Here it is.
Also, I must note that in 2011, we broke a little news here about Rhee concerning her extensive speaking fees. So, this is what all those folks were paying thousands of dollars to hear, from someone who can’t even remember if they received memo such as this. Criminal conduct aside, I’m calling rank incompetence at a minimum.

The #RNC passes resolution against #commoncore. Funny, but where’s @DWStweets on this?

Progressives, or Democrats or whatever, need to cast aside their unwavering support for this President and educate themselves on the CCSS. I know that the RNC is likely coming at this from the perspective that it’s affiliated with Obama or that it’s a Federal over reach, which are both true… technically.
But it’s more of a plutocratic over reach, the final chess pieces to assume corporate control over teaching,