Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jersey Jazzman: Democracy Dies In Camden

Jersey Jazzman: Democracy Dies In Camden:

Democracy Dies In Camden

And so it finally comes to this:
Gov. Christie plans to announce Monday that he is taking the extraordinary step of putting the educational and fiscal management of the Camden School District under state control, The Inquirer has learned. 
As part of the takeover of what the state considers the worst-performing district in New Jersey, Christie will appoint a new superintendent and leadership team, shifting the school board to an advisory role, according to administration officials briefed on the plan. 
The Republican governor's move nonetheless has support from at least a few school board members and key Democratic leaders in the South Jersey political establishment, some of whom are expected to join Christie at the takeover announcement Monday in the city, officials said. 
Camden will become the fourth urban district under state control, after Paterson, Newark,