Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Case of the Missing College Graduates | EduShyster

The Case of the Missing College Graduates | EduShyster:

The Case of the Missing College Graduates

Grab your magnifying glass, reader, and a heaping helping of fingerprint powder too—we’re going sleuthing.College graduates are the object of today’s inquiry, specifically students who, after attending urban academies of excellence and innovation, go on to attend college at STAGGERING numbers, yet disappear completely when it is time for that beloved tradition: the data round up.While it is an indisputable true fact that students who attend charter schools graduate from college and find outstanding 21st century jobs at rates that shame and embarrass their peers at Low Expectations High, you might be surprised to learn that there is exactly no research documenting that true fact at. Well, there is one study. A 2011 report by KIPP Academy found that a mere 30 % of students graduating from KIPP schools actually graduate from college.
Since the fierce urgency of now demands that we close our union stifled public schools and replace them with charters in order to put young people on a path to college and into the 21st century workforce, might it be a good idea to examine, say, the graduation rates of charter school students? Earlier this month, the Boston Foundation 

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