Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UPDATES: John Dillons’s pension vocabulary: Dividualism. « Fred Klonsky

John Dillons’s pension vocabulary: Dividualism. « Fred Klonsky:

John Dillons’s pension vocabulary: Dividualism.

Dividualism (…for your own good, too)
Noun:  A description of a personal philosophy “in touch” with a sense of community, responsibility to the betterment of all those around him/her; one with a wish for the amelioration of the marginalized, scapegoated, or institutionally deprived. A credo driving the desire to seek what is morally correct and in the best interest of the greater good.
Do Something Now:  Despite the history of pension holidays and underfunding, recent bills before the House and additional amendments by the Senate demonstrate that the General Assembly in Illinois is quite willing to blame much of the unfunded liability for pensions on the 

Ten minute drawng. Beyonce.


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Shouldn’t our leaders lead?

I don’t argue much about tactics these days.
Occupy. Lobby. Email. What’s that thing we used to do? Oh, yes. Make phone calls. March. Rally. Sit-in. Whatever.
Say something. Do something.
Leaders should lead, however.
So when the teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School voted not to give the MAP test because they thought it was bad educational practice, teachers and parents all over the country got excited and expressed there

8 ways to fight high-stakes testing.


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