Monday, November 5, 2012

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Education Headlines

Monday, November 5, 2012

Freedberg: MapLight - Campaign spending to promote Props. 30 and 38 exceeds $100 million

Proponents of Propositions 30 and 38 have now poured a combined total of $117 million to convince voters to support their respective measures, both of which are intended to raise billions of dollars for schools and other programs.

Walters: Prop. 30 and Jerry Brown's future

One might wonder, has Gov. Jerry Brown been an asset or a liability in the campaign to persuade Californians to raise taxes – a notion that historically has not fared very well at the polls? And if Proposition 30 is rejected, what does it bode for a man who was just 31 when first elected to office but who is now 74?

Central Unified submits application for federal Race to the Top grant

Central Unified School District's teachers and administrators announced Friday that the district hand-delivered its application for a $27.5 million federal grant in the Race to the Top program.

Fensterwald: Fresno coaxes union to sign, enters Race to the Top

After a marathon meeting that concluded early Friday morning, Superintendent Michael Hanson and leaders of the Fresno Teachers Association agreed on wording of the district’s application for a $37.3 million piece of the $400 million competition open to districts nationwide.

LAUSD parent centers aim to boost involvement at schools

Los Angeles Unified School District's parent centers offer free classes that focus on parents' needs, from helping their children with their homework to learning English.

Is there a Plan B for the state budget if California's Proposition 30 fails?

Gov. Jerry Brown has framed it as a simple choice for voters: Pass Proposition 30 or schools will suffer early shutdowns and college students will pay higher tuition. But education leaders privately have discussed fallback efforts to spare schools from some of the worst consequences, especially after the initiative fell below 50 percent in recent polls.

Ramanathan: Vast inequality lurks behind mind-numbing data on school spending

The lingo and rules of school finance might be boring, but their impact isn’t. Funding equity and financial transparency are more than just tweaks to our school finance system. These changes would finally level the playing field for our underserved students and allow us to have adult conversations about how, where, and why we are investing our education dollars at the local level. They could begin to transform our education system in California.
Friday, November 2, 2012

Third Stockton USD campus has gun incident

A 14-year-old freshman was arrested Thursday afternoon at one of Stockton Unified's small high schools after he was found in possession of a loaded semiautomatic handgun, the third incident involving a gun on a district campus in less than one month.

Schools report is first ever

The Calaveras County Office of Education is distributing its first “Annual Report to the Community,” part of a larger effort to inform the public about local schools.

Redlands Unified prepared for midyear hit if Prop. 30 fails

Unlike many school districts, Redlands Unified won't suffer any midyear cuts if Prop. 30 fails at the ballot box on Tuesday.

Twin Rivers board hires l