Monday, November 5, 2012

Des Moines Education Association: Election Info for Tuesday, November 6

Des Moines Education Association: Election Info for Tuesday, November 6:

Election Info for Tuesday, November 6

The 2012 election is finally here. We wanted to make sure you all have the information you need to make your vote count! The following information is from the Polk County Auditor's office.

Q.  How do I know where to vote?
A.  Your general election polling site is listed on your voter registration card.  Please note that your polling place may differ based on the type of the election. If you have lost your registration card, call our office at 286-3247. To find your voting precinct and where to go vote follow this LINK. If you already know your precinct then follow thisLINK to find out where you will go to vote.

Q. Explain how same day registration will work?
A. With proof of identity and residence you will be allowed to register at your correct polling place on Election Day.  If you do not have proof of residence or identity you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

Who should you vote for? We would recommend you strongly consider voting for candidates who have been recommended by the Iowa State Education Association or the National Education Association.

A little background on how a candidate gets "recommended" by ISEA:

The ISEA Political Action Committee (PAC) is used exclusively for Iowa Governor, Senate, House, and school board elections. The committee is composed of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans with the single goal of electing pro-education candidates. The voting record of incumbents is reviewed by members of the PAC, and those incumbents who have voted consistently for pro-education legislation may be recommended as "friendly incumbents." All other candidates running for office are invited to interview with local interview teams made up of members, and those candidates who are pro-public education may be recommended by the ISEA.
For the purposes of the ISEA PAC, pro-education means candidates whose answers to questions about education, working conditions, and employee benefits most closely reflect the views of the Association.

Here is a list of ISEA recommended candidates in the legislative districts around the Des Moines metro:

House District 31 (East side of DSM and Pleasant Hill) – Rick Olson
House District 32 (North/central side of DSM) – Ruth Ann Gaines
House District 33 (Southeast side of DSM) – Kevin McCarthy
House District 34 (Southwest side of DSM) – Bruce Hunter
House District 35 (West side of DSM) – Ako Abdul Samad
House District 36 (Far west side of DSM) – Marti Anderson
House District 41 (Far southwest side of DSM/West DSM) – Jo Oldson
Senate District 16 (East side DSM) – Dick Dearden
Senate District 18 (West side of DSM) – Janet Peterson

House District 25 (Norwalk) – Katie Routh
House District 26 (Carlisle) – Scott Ourth
House District 30 (Altoona/Bondurant) – Joe Riding
House District 38 (Southside of Ankeny/Saylorville Township) – John Phoenix
House District 39 (Grimes/Johnston) – Kelsey Clark
House District 40 (Urbandale) – John Forbes
House District 43 (Clive) – Susan Judkins
House District 44 (Waukee) – Eric Brenneman

The NEA has endorsed re-electing Barack Obama for President

ISEA has endorsed Leonard Boswell for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 3rd District.