Saturday, September 22, 2012

School Tech Connect: Reviewing The Basic Understanding

School Tech Connect: Reviewing The Basic Understanding:

Reviewing The Basic Understanding

Let us now review the Basic Understanding.

Which goes something like this....

The term "college-ready" means one thing now, in spite of all the vastly different admissions criteria that our 4,500 colleges and universities currently have. In the future, there will only be one set of admission criteria, because everyone graduating from high school will be "college-ready." And the mechanism that guarantees this phenomenon, which has never existed in human history, is that in each state, the 5% of schools with the lowest test score data will be "turned around" every year.

"Career-ready" is the same thing. As everyone knows, a career in accounting requires the same high school curriculum as a career in music education, or a career in electrical engineering or a career installing car alar