Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Tech Connect: Obama, Are You Listening?

School Tech Connect: Obama, Are You Listening?:

Obama, Are You Listening?

I know I riff on this a lot, but...

If I were a certain sitting Democratic president, I would be reaching out to the people who lifted me up. I would be looking in the mirror and asking myself, Who got me here?  What was it that people saw in me that I need to rekindle this time around?

This is the great Jitu Brown, speaking at Daley Plaza today.

Like I say, if I were a certain someone facing re-election, I wouldn't be hitching my star to bland technocratic chameleons like Arne Duncan or to the bile-dipped arrows of a much-loathed former chief of staff.

I would listen to my heart. Then I'd get Jitu Brown on the phone and ask where in the 

Karen Lewis in Daley Plaza

Karen Lewis in Chicago today.

(Go full screen. Live a little.)

I'm still working on the sound quality.

There's nobody else like Karen Lewis. It needs to be said. The reason 18k people turned out in Daley Plaza today is that she tells the truth and she inspires people. She leads with honesty and love, and people respond to that.

Our mayor, on the other hand, leads with a sharp elbow and forked tongue. I wouldn't want to be a Democratic president saddled to the reputation of this toxic mayor. He came into this town ready to beat up teachers, and that's been the entire focus of the part of his agenda that isn't dedicated to greasing the wheels of the fat cats.