Saturday, July 28, 2012

Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power - AFT - A Union of Professionals

AFT - A Union of Professionals - Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power:

Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power

Introduced by AFT president Randi Weingarten as "the epitome of speaking truth to power," education scholar and activist Diane Ravitch hit all the right notes July 28 at the AFT convention, speaking against policymakers who blame teachers for school conditions beyond their control, and sharply criticizing education cuts that threaten public schools.
Diane Ravitch
Watch video: Diane Ravitch addresses delegates at the AFT Convention.
In a speech punctuated by frequent applause, Ravitch lambasted the so-called reform movement for criticizing public education and favoring privatization. In fact, test scores are higher than ever, she said, though the reformers will never admit it. "We should be thanking our nation's teachers, but reformers keep up a steady drumbeat of criticism."
Struggling schools need help, not the firings and closings they face. "Firing teachers is not a school improvement strategy," Ravitch pointed out. "Firing teachers creates turmoil and churn and instability." Closing schools is equally destructive. "Killing a neighborhood school is like