Saturday, July 21, 2012

ALEC and Virtual/Online Schools | Seattle Education

ALEC and Virtual/Online Schools | Seattle Education:

ALEC and Virtual/Online Schools

As I posted in June, an ALEC bill passed through Olympia regarding Innovation Schools. Sue and I had called it a charter school in sheep’s clothing and later discovered that was exactly ALEC’s intent. See Innovation Schools/Creative Approach Schools and ALEC. In a follow up post titled Weekly Update, Part 2: The Gates Foundation, a smart ALEC and more charter school abuses, I provided additional information on how other states were affected by legislation developed by ALEC.
Now, a video has been made that describes how members of ALEC are reaping the financial rewards of their association with this organization.
Check out:
Which CEO made $5 million stealing your kid’s lunch money?

Karran Harper Royal who was interviewed for this video is a Parents Across America member in New Orleans.