Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seattle Schools Community Forum: The Tide Keeps Turning

Seattle Schools Community Forum: The Tide Keeps Turning:

The Tide Keeps Turning

Remember how it has been reported that StudentsFirst, Michelle Rhee's organization, had petitions that if you signed them, made you a member of StudentsFirst?  Well, I guess had a change of heart because both StudentsFirst and Stand for Children have been booted out.  

The story at the Huffington Post is far more nuanced. leaders, for their part, said they think some of the outrage resulted from a misunderstanding of the company's goal, which is not to spread American-style progressive values around the globe, but rather to empower as many people as possible under the theory that the world will be better as a result. 

Why were they booted?

The move comes after intense pressure from the labor movement and other progressive allies, who accused the for-profit company of betraying its liberal roots by partnering with Rhee, the former head of Washington, D.C., 

Goading Works!

Just checking in over at the Yes on 1240 website and they finally(!) have the text of the initiative up.

Still, you have to wonder - if they want you to sign the petition for it and vote for it, why wouldn't it have been there in the first place?

They now have about $750k in their coffers from:
  • Democrats for Education Reform WA PAC (that would be contributors from Leslie Hanauer, Steve