Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Green Dot Charter Schools and Freedom of Speech | Seattle Education

Green Dot Charter Schools and Freedom of Speech | Seattle Education:

Green Dot Charter Schools and Freedom of Speech

The Green Dot charter franchise has been bandied about in the state of Washington as a charter school candidate due to the misguided hype of the corporate media. If charter schools were allowed in our state, what is happening in Los Angeles would be occurring in Seattle.
Danny Weil has provided a great description of these schools in the following article that was originally published in The Daily Censored:
Los Angeles students and teachers need your help fighting Green Dot Charter Schools
I have written extensively about Green Dot Charter Schools, an educational retail charter chain that gained a foothold in Los Angeles and a step-ladder into the public consciousness due to favorable publicity by the charter charlatans and their corporate allies.  You can read about the detestable Green Dot and its takeover of some of Los Angeles schools, with the help of the political coordinating class that comprises what can only be called corrupt politics, in an article I wrote back in 2010, Green Dot model homes for sale : Education-R-Us.
Los Angeles educator, writer and activist Robert Skeels has done a better job than I have in covering the