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Joel Velasquez, a parent of three kids, and Timothy Tery, an alum of Lakeview Elementary, stand...
OAKLAND -- Days into a sit-in to protest the closure of Lakeview Elementary School, the Oakland school district police force is ordering the demonstrators to clear the area.
"We're hoping the crowd will disperse on its own accord," district spokesman Troy Flint said on Monday morning.
But well after the stay-away order was issued, around 9 a.m., about 35 protesters -- many of them from the Occupy movement -- still rallied outside the school; a few even went inside, triggering the building alarm.
Protesters started the "People's Campus" -- summer courses teaching art, gardening and social justice in the closed school. Nearly 40 students were enrolled in the classes that are not affiliated with the district, but only seven children arrived.
"Unfortunately, the campus police from Oakland Unified School District