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The only way we will know that we have succeeded in creating in a public education system "with liberty and justice for all" is when we can see ourselves in the brown and black faces of those demanding a right to a quality education system that reflects their history in a manner that should make us aware that it is our history too. This is the essence of the never ending process of what it must mean in the best sense to become an American - to be more than what we initially brought to this country in search of a better life.

Admittedly, this is both a scary and exhilarating endeavor to become more than what we initially brought to the mix.. As creatures of habit, we humans in whatever ethnicity we initially find ourselves are challenged to be more than what we started out with, which is the basis of our intolerance for that which is both foreign and attractive at the same time.

In transcending this challenge, excellent public education is the most important institution in our society, where we can find and develop the tools we need to continue growing. This is not a choice for any society that wants to remain viable. This reality of what it is to be an American in the best sense of the word is not easy or safe, but must be an ever evolving process that allows us to avoid extinction, because we were too afraid to change and incorporate that which is new and rejuvenating to this country. As Will Rogers once said, "We all couldn't make it on the first boat..

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