Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sneaky Michelle Rhee What’s a GNESPA? More Bait N Switch - Jonathan Kantrowitz - Connecticut News

What’s a GNESPA? - Jonathan Kantrowitz - Connecticut News:

Jonathan Kantrowitz

Jonathan Kantrowitz

Political activist, health nut

What’s a GNESPA?

As Jon Pelto details, here, it is a registered lobbyist in Connecticut.
But if it legally exists at all, it is clearly a cover front for Michelle Rhee’s StudentFirst.
In fact if you go to GNESPA’s website: the fiction is so transparent that you find yourself transported immediately to StudentFirst’s Connecticut website.
and on that website you will find the following TV ad, paid for not by GNESPA (anyone have any clue what the initials stand for?) but by StudentsFirst:
My guess: Got No Existence Special Purpose Association

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