Friday, March 9, 2012

Louisiana Educator: Jindal Plan Moving Now! March 14-15

Louisiana Educator: Jindal Plan Moving Now! March 14-15:

Jindal Plan Moving Now! March 14-15

Legislators are telling the LAE lobbyists that the Jindal public school destruction bills will be heard first in the House Education Committee on Wednesday March 14, then in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday March 15. I also got a personal call from Republican Senator friend who told me the same thing.

They are telling us that if we as educators care about public education we had better show up at these committee meetings in large numbers. Our professional education lobbyists for the teacher unions and School Boards Association are heavily outnumbered by the big business lobbyists. And I'm sorry to say they have millions of dollars more than we have to contribute to legislators' campaigns. What we have is numbers! Public school teachers live and vote in every legislative district in this state in large numbers. When you add our voting relatives, we should be the most powerful political force in this state! Why don't we start to exert our potential influence?

 I know, it's because teachers and principals are busy preparing kids for the all important LEAP tests! I don't