Friday, March 9, 2012

Let’s roll. « Fred Klonsky

Let’s roll. « Fred Klonsky:

Let’s roll.

I drove over to the Skokie office of the IEA last night. There was a Region meeting followed by a meeting for delegates to next week’s state convention, the Representative Assembly.
The delegate meeting was encouraging to an old guy like me. There were quite a few first-time delegates going to the RA from our Region this year.
Region Chair, Cathy Borge, went over some of the issues that she thought would be coming up: A dues increase, an increase in voluntary contributions to political action and a campaign for a progressive state income tax.
We will probably vote on adding a second retiree to the state Board of Directors. It is our fastest growing area, assisted by me in June.
I announced that I will be moving a New Business Item directing the board to create an on-line, opt-in, password