Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ghosts. « Fred Klonsky

Ghosts. « Fred Klonsky:


Tony Blankley died this past week. He was 63.

If you’re a fan of screaming, in-your-face political panel shows, you might have seen Blankley on the PBS show,The McLaughlin Report. He was the slightly pudgy guy with the English accent who battled with Pat Buchanan over who would represent the most far-right position on issues.

A few years ago I discovered that he had graduated a year ahead of me from my high school. Although I didn’t remember him, we knew some of the same people.

According to the obituaries, Blankley was born in England, had acted in some Hollywood movies as a kid, including a Lassie movie. My high school was in West Hollywood and it was not unusual for my classmates to be movie actors. We supplied most of the extras for Bye Bye Birdie.

Blankley went on to be a Conservative public relations guy. He worked as the press guy for Newt Gingrich when

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