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Education Research Report: A Plan for Transforming Indianapolis Public Schools

Education Research Report: A Plan for Transforming Indianapolis Public Schools:

Striving for Student Success: Shared Accountability

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 33 minutes ago
Ω The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act ushered in a new era of accountability in American education: for the first time, schools were held responsible for improving student achievement across all demographic groups. Yet there has always been a concern about holding only the schools themselves accountable for student success — especially given the profound impact of poverty on student achievement. Instead of putting the entire achievement burden on schools, what would it look like to hold a whole community responsible for long-range student outcomes? How can accountability for youth ... more »

A Plan for Transforming Indianapolis Public Schools

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 39 minutes ago
Ω The Mind Trust has released what it calls “a bold plan for transforming Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) ” The plan would dramatically shrink and restructure the central administration, send about $200 million more a year to schools without raising taxes, provide universal prekindergarten to all 4-year-olds, give teachers and principals more autonomy in exchange for more accountability, and provide parents with more quality school choices. It is the boldest urban reform plan in the United States. In developing its plan, The Mind Trust engaged local and national experts to analy... more »

CT Early Care/Education: Poor Coordination & Inadequate Funding Limit Access

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 day ago
Ω Connecticut Early Care and Education Progress Report, 2011 Appendix Following Connecticut’s loss in the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge funding competition and the Governor’s call this week for education reform legislation, a report on the state’s early care and education system finds that a lack of central coordination of early childhood programs and stagnant or declining funding levels are leaving many children in need of early care unserved. The organization called on state legislators and Governor Malloy, who has identified increasing access to preschool as a priorit... more »

Abnormality in auditory processing underlies dyslexia

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 day ago
Ω People with dyslexia often struggle with the ability to accurately decode and identify what they read. Although disrupted processing of speech sounds has been implicated in the underlying pathology of dyslexia, the basis of this disruption and how it interferes with reading comprehension has not been fully explained. Now, new research published by Cell Press in the December 22 issue of the journal Neuron finds that a specific abnormality in the processing of auditory signals accounts for the main symptoms of dyslexia. "It is widely agreed that for a majority of dyslexic children,... more »

Degrees of Failure: The Unprepared High School Graduate

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 2 days ago
Ω A significant number of American teenagers graduate from high school unprepared to take their next big steps toward adulthood, according to a study by researchers at The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Arizona’s Center for the Study of Higher Education. More than 40 percent of high schoolers do not follow a college preparatory track or take adequate career and technical education courses, and these missed opportunities can leave young people at a disadvantage after graduation when they enroll in college or look for a job, according to Stefanie DeLuca, an associate ...more »

Between 30% and 40% of youths arrested by age 23

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 3 days ago
Ω Cumulative Prevalence of Arrest From Ages 8 to 23 in a National Sample OBJECTIVE: To estimate the cumulative proportion of youth who self-report having been arrested or taken into custody for illegal or delinquent offenses (excluding arrests for minor traffic violations) from ages 8 to 23 years. METHODS: Self-reported arrest history data (excluding arrests for minor traffic violations) from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (N = 7335) were examined from 1997 to 2008. RESULTS: By age 18, the in-sample cumulative arrest prevalence rate lies between 15.9% and 26.8%; a... more »

Very Few Youths Invovled in Sexting

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 3 days ago
Ω Prevalence and Characteristics of Youth Sexting: A National Study published in Pediatrics OBJECTIVES: To obtain national estimates of youth involved in sexting in the past year (the transmission via cell phone, the Internet, and other electronic media of sexual images), as well as provide details of the youth involved and the nature of the sexual images. METHODS: The study was based on a cross-sectional national telephone survey of 1560 youth Internet users, ages 10 through 17. RESULTS: Estimates varied considerably depending on the nature of the images or videos and the role of...more »

America’s Youth: Transitions to Adulthood

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 3 days ago
Ω America’s Youth: Transitions to Adulthood compares the current generation of youth and young adults in the United States to youth and young adults in 2000, 1990, and 1980. Data for the report came from NCES and other federal surveys. According to this new NCES report, the youth of 2011 are different than their peers in 1980, 1990, and 2000 in many aspects – they have greater education and less labor force participation, they have delayed the establishment of their own families, and they have higher expectations for their future. Other findings include: • In 2010, there were 47.... more »

Does Practice-Based Teacher Preparation Increase Student Achievement?

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 3 days ago
Ω Early Evidence from the Boston Teacher Residency The Boston Teacher Residency is an innovative practice-based preparation program in which candidates work alongside a mentor teacher for a year before becoming a teacher of record in Boston Public Schools. The authors find find that BTR graduates are more racially diverse than other BPS novices, more likely to teach math and science, and more likely to remain teaching in the district through year five. Initially, BTR graduates for whom value-added performance data are available are no more effective at raising student test sco... more »

Bullying in Schools

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 6 days ago
Ω The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has released Peer Victimization in Schools: A Set of Quantitative and Qualitative Studies of the Connections Among Peer Victimization, School Engagement, Truancy, School Achievement and Other Outcomes, Conducted by the National Center for School Engagement in 2007, the OJJDP-funded study focused on the connection between bullying, truancy and low academic achievement and examined whether engaging students in academics or extracurricular activities mediates these factors. Bullying does not directly cause truancy, ... more »

Unwanted Online Sexual Exposures Decline For Youth

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω A new study from the University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center finds declines in two kinds of youth Internet sexual encounters of great concern to parents: unwanted sexual solicitations and unwanted exposure to pornography. The researchers suspect that greater public awareness may have been, in part, what has helped. The study found that the percentage of youth receiving unwanted online sexual requests declined from 13 percent in 2005 to 9 percent in 2010. Youth experiencing unwanted pornography exposure declined from 34 percent to 23 percent over the sa... more »

AYP Results for 2010-11

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω This report updates previous Center on Education Policy research with data from the 2010-11 school year on the number of schools not making adequate yearly progress (AYP) under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The estimated percentage of all U.S. schools not making AYP was 48% in 2011, an all-time high and an increase from 39% in 2010. The report also provides six years of trends in the percentage of schools in all 50 states, D.C., and the nation not making AYP, using official numbers from the State Consolidated Performance Reports submitted to the U.S. Department of Educatio...more »

State High School Tests: Changes in State Policies

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω This 10th installment of the Center on Education Policy's annual study of high school exit exams and other assessments finds that fewer states are requiring students to pass a high school exit exam, though testing in other areas has increased. The report, based on a survey of all 50 state departments of education, discusses state policies associated with high school exit exams, college entrance exams (such as the ACT or SAT), and college and career readiness assessments. State Profiles for Assessment Policies Through 2010-11 Ω

NCLB: "The Accountability Plateau"

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω This new analysis of NAEP scores—focusing on Texas and on the entire nation—by former NCES commissioner Mark Schneider finds that solid gains in math achievement coincided with the advent of "consequential accountability," first in the trailblazing Lone Star State and a few other pioneer states, then across the land with the implementation of NCLB. But Schneider warns that the recent plateau in Texas math scores may foreshadow a coming stagnation in the country’s performance. Has the testing-and-accountability movement as we know it run out of steam? How else might we rekindle ou... more »

More On In School Arrests

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω From the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog, today!: The Justice Department, stepping up its oversight of the juvenile justice system, has launched an investigation into whether school and law enforcement officials are targeting black students in Meridian, Miss., for unfair treatment. The Civil Rights Division chief, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, disclosed the investigation in letters to local officials earlier this month. The department is investigating whether city and county authorities have a “pattern or practice” of violating the youths’ constitutional rights, specifica... more »

Restorative practices found to be effective alternative to zero tolerance in schools

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω Restorative practices appear to be an effective alternative to exclusionary and punitive zero-tolerance behavior policies mandated in many schools today. So reports Laura Mirsky in an article in the December 2011 issue of The Prevention Researcher, a quarterly journal that focuses on successful adolescent development and serves professionals who work with young people. Mirsky interviewed educators and students at schools using restorative practices. She concludes that "although formal research is just beginning in this area, early indications and anecdotal evidence suggest that ... more »

Online: most children feel safe doing things that adults often perceive as risky

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω Sweden has one of Europe's highest rates of Internet use among children. The increasing number of children online implies increasing opportunities – but also risks. Yet a majority of 9-16 year olds say that they have not encountered anything on the Internet that has bothered or upset them in the past year. The Swedish part of the study EU Kids Online also found that most children feel safe doing things that adults often perceive as risky. However, in response to a general question, one in five (19%) Swedish children said that something on the Internet had bothered or upset them i... more »

Society may get stuck with the bill for expensive higher education

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω The rising cost of a college education and limited access to financial aid may create a less productive workforce and steeper wealth inequity, according to a study by North American economists. Students with low-income parents are discovering that it is more difficult to find funds to pay for a college education now compared to students of similar economic backgrounds in the 1980s, said Alexander Monge-Naranjo, assistant professor of economics, Penn State. "The consensus was that in the 1980s, credit constraints didn't seem to matter for those who went to college," said Monge-Nar... more »

Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens

Jonathan Kantrowitz at Education Research Report - 1 week ago
Ω The 2011 Monitoring the Future Survey from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows continued high levels of abuse of alternate tobacco products, marijuana and prescription drugs Cigarette and alcohol use by eighth, 10th and 12th-graders are at their lowest point since the Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey began polling teenagers in 1975, according to this year's survey results. However, this positive news is tempered by a slowing rate of decline in teen smoking as well as continued high rates of abuse of other tobacco products (e.g., hookahs, small cigars, smokeless t... more »

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