Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daily Kos: Did you know I'm a Goliath?

Daily Kos: Did you know I'm a Goliath?:

Did you know I'm a Goliath?

At least according to this post by Alexander Russo I am, along with Anthony Cody, Nancy Flanagan, Caroline Grannan, John Thompson, and Leonie Haimson. As Russo writes:

There's a strange dynamic going on inside the online education reform debate in which the well-funded reformers play the role of wimpy David and the scrappy traditional educators are Goliath.
He then goes on to write
As anyone who reads education sites or goes on Twitter knows, "reform critics" -- they're still working on a better term to describe their views -- have a slew of current teachers and veterans out there talking about their classroom experiences and opinions nearly every day. Nancy Flanagan, TeacherKen, Anthony Cody, and John Thompson to name just a few. It's not just that they're out there shouting randomly into the wind, either. At least some of them seem to be coordinated behind the scenes by SOS or PAA or Leonie's listserv, bird-dogging individual sites -- Caroline