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Friday, September 22, 2023





In a shocking turn of events, Kevin McCarthy's bid for House Speaker is in danger due to his inability to count to five. 

As we reported earlier, Republicans hold a narrow majority in the House, with 222 seats to Democrats' 212. This means that McCarthy can only afford to lose five Republican votes in order to become speaker. However, it appears that McCarthy has lost track of how many votes he can afford to lose.

Sources close to the situation report that McCarthy has been going around the House, asking members if they will vote for him, without keeping track of their responses. When asked how many votes he has secured so far, McCarthy reportedly replied, "I don't know, but it's definitely more than five."

This lack of basic math skills has caused concern among McCarthy's supporters and opponents alike. "If he can't count to five, how can we trust him to lead the House?" asked one Republican lawmaker who wished to remain anonymous.

In response to these concerns, McCarthy's team has released a statement saying that he is "confident that he has the votes necessary to become speaker." When pressed for details on how many votes he has secured, McCarthy's team declined to comment.

This lack of transparency has only added fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding McCarthy's speakership bid. Some have suggested that he may be relying on the support of imaginary friends or even pets to secure the necessary votes.

Despite these challenges, McCarthy remains optimistic about his chances. "I may not be able to count to five, but I know how to count my blessings," he said in a recent interview. "And I'm blessed to have the support of so many great people in the House."

Whether or not McCarthy's blessings will be enough to secure the speakership remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: this is one counting lesson he won't soon forget.

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Kevin McCarthy's House speakership is hanging in the balance for a number of reasons.

**1. A narrow Republican majority*

Republicans currently hold a narrow majority in the House, with 222 seats to Democrats' 212. This means that McCarthy can only afford to lose five Republican votes in order to become speaker.

**2. Opposition from the right flank of the Republican Party**

A group of about 20 conservative Republicans have pledged to oppose McCarthy's speakership bid. These members of the House Freedom Caucus are unhappy with McCarthy's leadership and believe that he is not conservative enough.

**3. McCarthy's own missteps**

McCarthy has made a number of missteps in recent years that have damaged his reputation. For example, he was criticized for his handling of the January 6th attack on the Capitol. He has also been accused of being too close to special interests and of not being transparent in his leadership style.

**4. The January 6th hearings**

The ongoing January 6th hearings have also put McCarthy in a difficult position. McCarthy has been accused of being complicit in the attack on the Capitol, and he has been subpoenaed to testify by the House Select Committee investigating the attack.

**5. The potential for a government shutdown**

The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution, which expires on September 30th. If Congress is unable to pass a budget by that date, the government will shut down. This would be a major embarrassment for McCarthy, and it could further damage his chances of becoming speaker.

**What does the future hold for McCarthy?**

It is unclear whether McCarthy will be able to secure the votes he needs to become speaker. If he is unable to do so, it would be a major setback for Republicans. It could also lead to a period of turmoil in the House, as Republicans try to figure out who should replace McCarthy as their leader.

It is also possible that McCarthy could strike a deal with his conservative detractors in order to secure their votes. However, this would likely require him to make concessions that could weaken his position as speaker.

Ultimately, the fate of McCarthy's speakership bid will depend on a number of factors, including the results of the January 6th hearings, the outcome of the midterm elections, and the ability of McCarthy to unite the Republican Party.


The reason behind McCarthy's House speakership hanging in the balance is the opposition he faces from a group of hard-right Republicans known as the House Freedom Caucus. The Freedom Caucus members have been blocking and delaying the passage of several spending bills that are needed to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. They have also threatened to oust McCarthy from his position if he cuts a deal with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling, which is another looming fiscal crisis. The Freedom Caucus members have a list of demands that they want to see met before they agree to support any spending or debt legislation, such as cutting aid to Ukraine, building more border walls, ending "woke" policies in the military, and reducing the funding for the Justice Department and the FBI. They claim that they are fighting against the "decline" of the country under the Biden administration and its spending policies⁹.

McCarthy has been trying to appease and persuade the Freedom Caucus members to cooperate with him and his allies, but so far he has not been successful. He has also faced criticism from some moderate Republicans who are frustrated with his leadership and his inability to rein in the Freedom Caucus. McCarthy has been meeting with various factions of his conference to try to find a consensus and a compromise on the spending and debt issues, but he has also warned that he will not let the Freedom Caucus dictate the terms of the negotiations[^10^]. He has said that he is confident that he will keep his speakership and that he has the support of former President Trump, who has been calling some of the Freedom Caucus members to urge them to back McCarthy⁵.

However, some Democrats have also floated the idea of voting to save McCarthy's job if he agrees to end the impeachment inquiry against President Biden, which was launched by McCarthy last month after pressure from the Freedom Caucus⁶. This could be a risky strategy for both parties, as it could alienate some of their base voters and create more division within their ranks. It is unclear whether McCarthy would accept such a deal or whether he would be able to deliver enough Republican votes to pass a spending or debt bill with Democratic support³.

In summary, McCarthy's House speakership is hanging by a thread because of the internal conflict within his party over how to deal with the fiscal challenges facing the country. He has to balance the demands of the Freedom Caucus, who want to use their leverage to push for their conservative agenda, and the interests of his moderate allies, who want to avoid a government shutdown and a default on the debt. He also has to contend with the Democrats, who have their own agenda and may try to exploit his vulnerability.

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