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Monday, March 28, 2022

THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Monday, March 28, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #StandWithUkraine️

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The District Disappoints Again And Our Strike Continues Into A New Week | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Public schools helped me achieve my family’s dreams. - Public Voices For Public Schools -

Why Teachers Are Afraid to Teach History | The New Republic - by @rmc031 on @newrepublic

ED releases letter with updated COVID-19 guidance and resources for schools and students with disabilities - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act -

Schools Matter: Try Illuminate Education and Make Your Student Data Accessible to Hackers -

Education is a Civil Right | Cloaking Inequity - via @ProfessorJVH

Make March Matter! - Philly's 7th Ward -

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Calls on States, Districts, Higher Ed Institutions to Address Nationwide Teacher Shortage and Bolster Student Recovery with American Rescue Plan Funds | U.S. Department of Education -

Teacher Tom: The Disruption That Young Children, Their Families, and Educators Need -

Statement by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on the President’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget | U.S. Department of Education -

CRT debate repeats past battles about state history textbooks - via @hechingerreport

NYC Public School Parents: Latest Talk out of School: How parents can navigate the frustrating special education system in NYC public schools -

The Future of Education? Who Decides How OUR Public Schools Run? - on @NancyEBailey1

Nancy Bailey's Education Website: Universal Preschool and the Expectation Divide: It’s Time to Talk! | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Frank Breslin: Why the Framers Wanted Separation of Church and State | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

“Vouchers Hurt Ohio” | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Republicans furious with the media for accurately describing Florida’s “don’t say gay” bill - on @slate

DeSantis signs Florida’s contentious LGBTQ bill into law

Mo Kashmiri for Sacramento County Board of Education - Area 1 -

It’s Saturday & We’re Still On Strike – District Actions Bring Us To Twilight Zone Territory | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Opinion | Free speech doesn’t mean hecklers get to shut down campus debate

Ann Arbor charter school: Management firm made up student count - via @freep

Blog Posts Archive - Network For Public Education - on @Network4pubEd

The Delights of Vacationing in Mexico City | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Cuomo Set Out to “Transform” Mental Health Care for Kids. Now They Can’t Get Treatment.

Sacramento Teachers Continue to Strike; Still No Deal

NewBlackMan (in Exile) - via @NewBlackMan

The Indicator from Planet Money: Race, Racism, and Tax Law
'When it comes to the U.S. tax code, "the only color that matters is green." At least that's what Dorothy Brown used to think. After all, the many pages of forms you might be sifting through this tax season make no mention of race. But then Dorothy became a tax law professor, and began researching the relationship between race and taxes. In this episode, she explains how our tax laws often enrich

Remember me? Democrats fume over neglect of the other child tax credit

The University of North Texas Library Receives Major Grant To Digitize Recordings From The Black Academy

What Happens to Black Kids When Record Numbers of Teachers Quit?

Education Research Report: Evidence on the Effective Design of Free Tuition Programs -

PROOF POINTS: The more tuition rises, the cheaper college gets — for some - The Hechinger Report

Only 30% of L.A. County kids are vaccinated, months after COVID shots became available

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007 - on @Larryferlazzo

The District Disappoints Again And Our Strike Continues Into A New Week
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay Our district superintendent continues to refuse to participate in any negotiation sessions, continues to not take negotiations seriously, and continues to ignore easy solutions to the key problems – even in the face of growing pressure from city, county and state public officials. United Farmworker Union legend Dolores Huerta will be joining us tomorrow on the picket
Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL
BiljaST / Pixabay Six years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention. You might also be interested in THE BEST RESOURCES, ARTICLES & BLOG POSTS FOR TEACHERS OF ELLS IN 2021. Also, check out A Collection Of My Best Resources On Teaching English Language Learners. In additi
Most Popular Posts Of The Week
I’m making a change in the content of the regular feature. In addition to sharing the top five posts that have received the most “hits” in the preceding seven-to-ten days (though they may have originally been published on an earlier date), I will also include the top five posts that have actually appeared in the past week. Often, these are different posts. You might also be interested in IT’S THE
A Look Back: 13 Sites For Intermediate ELL Readers
I’m continuing my “A Look Back” series by looking at past “Best” lists and updating them. Kidaha / Pixabay I originally posted The Best Websites For Intermediate Readers in 2008, and have been revising and updating it since that time. It includes sites like BITS Interactive Resources , Into The Book , The World Stories Project , and ten other ones. Check them all out at the “Best” list and let me
Updated “Best” Lists Of The Month
geralt / Pixabay This month I began a series where I have been revising and updating older “Best” lists. Even though I’ve always been adding new resources to each one, my process of going through each one and removing dead links or older resources that are no longer up to my standards has been pretty haphazard. I have been doing this complete revision process for each anniversary or holiday “Best
My Favorite Posts That Appeared In March
I regularly highlight my picks for the most useful posts for each month — not including “The Best…” lists. I also use some of them in a more extensive monthly newsletter I send-out. You can see older Best Posts of the Month at Websites Of The Month (more recent lists can be found here ). You can also see my all-time favorites here . I’ve also been doing “A Look Back” series reviewing old favorite
March’s Most Popular Posts
As regular readers know, at the end of each week I share the five most popular posts from the previous seven days. I thought people might find it interesting to see a list of the ten most popular posts from the previous thirty days. You might also be interested in IT’S THE FOURTEENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BLOG – HERE ARE THE FORTY ALL-TIME MOST POPULAR POSTS . Not to mention THE MOST POPULAR POSTS
March’s “Best” Lists – There Are Now 2,304 Of Them!
Prawny / Pixabay Here’s my regular round-up of new “The Best…” lists I posted this month (you can see all 2,304 of them categorized here – you might also want to check out THREE ACCESSIBLE WAYS TO SEARCH FOR & FIND MY “BEST” LISTS). Here are the lists from this month (actually, there’s only only one this time): THE BEST STRATEGIES FOR USING PICTURE DICTIONARIES WITH ELLS
It’s Oscar Night! Here’s A Collection Of All My Movie-Related “Best” Lists
© 2012 Rachel , Flickr | CC-BY-ND | via Wylio The Academy Awards are tonight, and I thought it would be a good time to bring together all of my movie-related “Best” lists: The Best Sites Offering Free Lesson Plans For Movies The Best Scenes From (& Spoofs Of) “It’s A Wonderful Life” The Best Places To Learn About (And View Video Clips Of) Teachers In The Movies The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows 

Community college enrollment is down, but skilled-trades programs are booming

Revamping NYC school cafeterias can feed more kids, say students and advocates

Sacramento Teacher strike continues, no school Monday via @ABC10

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education Continues “ARPStars” Tour with Visits to Princeton and Newark to Highlight Best Pandemic Recovery Practices | U.S. Department of Education -

What is Alopecia?

Stranger dangers: The right's history of turning child abuse into a political weapon via @MotherJones

DeSantis expected to sign ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill at Florida taxpayer-funded charter school that has two anti-LGBTQ clubs

Utah Legislature overrides governor’s veto of transgender sports ban

Denver School Board passes policy with mixed reactions from Innovation Schools - on @DenverChannel

Montgomery County schools’ anti-racist audit to examine its curriculums

Pulling back the curtain on Boston’s new exam school admission process - The Boston Globe - on @BostonGlobe

Secretary Cardona to Travel to Southern California | U.S. Department of Education -

Big Education Ape: THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Sunday, March 27, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #StandWithUkraine️ -
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Big Education Ape: THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Saturday, March 26, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #StandWithUkraine️ -

Big Education Ape: TOP POSTS THIS WEEK Saturday, March 26, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #TEACHtheTRUTH #CRT -

Big Education Ape: THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Friday, March 18, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #StandWithUkraine️ -

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Big Education Ape: THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Saturday, March 19, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #StandWithUkraine️ -
Big Education Ape: TOP POSTS THIS WEEK Saturday, March 19, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #TEACHtheTRUTH #CRT -

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