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Saturday, January 15, 2022





Time to Decide
As Tennessee policymakers grapple with reforming the state’s school funding formula (BEP), the President of the Metro Nashville Education Association (MNEA) says it’s time to decide whether the state is truly committed to funding public education. NewsChannel5 reports on school funding and comments made by MNEA President Michelle Sheriff: Metropolitan Nashville Education Association reports Tenne
TEA’s Brown Continues Call for School Funding Boost
As the General Assembly returns and prepares to consider Gov. Lee’s school funding reform proposal , Tennessee Education Association President Beth Brown continues a push to boost overall funding for public schools. In a recent email to TEA members reporting on the committees reviewing the BEP, Brown said: I am pleased to report there has been significant discussion around the need for increased
TennesseeCAN Knows the Plan
How is it that pro-privatization group TennesseeCAN already knows the benefits of Gov. Bill Lee’s new school funding formula when that formula has yet to be released? It seems an “expert” from TennesseeCAN was on hand in Franklin County to present the details of the new, as-yet-unreleased plan. First, a bit about TennesseeCAN as reported in the Herald-Chronicle : TennesseeCAN, a state education a
Throw Some Damn Money at the Problem
While Tennessee lawmakers are expressing concern over investing too much money in schools, one educator is practically begging Gov. Bill Lee to just throw wads of cash at teachers. Former teacher Gabe Hart has a column in Tennessee Lookout that expresses his frustration at the current situation as it relates to teacher pay in Tennessee. Here’s a bit of what he has to say relative to teacher salar
While the State of Tennessee has a surplus in excess of $3 billion, state Senator John Stevens seems to want to shift more of the burden of public education to local governments – possibly resulting in local property tax increases. A Bountiful Harvest The Center Square reports that Stevens is concerned about how locals will spend what he calls a “windfall” of new state money. Stevens, like others
Is Sexton Serious?
House Speaker Cameron Sexton offered some concerning commentary on school funding ahead of an expected announcement this month on Gov. Bill Lee’s proposed changes to the state’s school funding formula (BEP). Meghan Mangrum highlighted the comments in an article published in the Citizen-Tribune out of Morristown: It seems the Speaker is not all that familiar with how schools actually work. The sug
Back to School, Back to Masks
The Daily Memphian reports that the Germantown Municipal School District will return to classes this month with a mask mandate. Germantown Municipal School District students will return to school and must wear face coverings. Staff will return Monday, Jan. 3 for a professional development day and they must also wear masks. Classes will resume for students Tuesday, Jan. 4. All visitors must also w